Johanna Nielson (AT)

Performer and choreographer, lives and works in Vienna. Her practice involves dance, real time creation and sound with a focus on phenomena of the sensual and the sensable. Johanna creates fluid performative formats and spaces, in which different disciplines encounter and audience-performer relationships are challenged. In collaboration with Agnes Schneidewind she is working on a series of performative experiments dealing with mechanisms of translation (Rumpuls, performance series AH I SEE). On the interaction of (experimental) music and dance she investigates with the artists* Marina Poleukhina, Magdalena Chowaniec, Stefan Voglsinger, Jakob Schauer, Patric Redl or the Phoenix Baroque Austria Ensemble. Among others she performed with Inge Kaindlsdorfer/lux flux, Theresa Luise Gindlstrasser, Claire Lefèvre, Florentina Holzinger, Evandro Pedroni, Arne Mannott, Alexander Chernyshkov/Error Theater and Oleg Soulimenko. She received the DanceWEB Stipendium for ImpulsTanz 2017. She is a member of Im_flieger – KünstlerInnen Initiative and works for Wiener Frauenhäuser.

PARK(ing) Day 2022: tea & poetry #4 // from the table, they fall

Fr 16.9.2022 // 16.00 wetterbedingt ABGESAGT


Feministische Einblicke in österreichischen Tanz & Performance der 80er & 90er Jahre

Fr 25. & Sa 26. 3.22 // 15.00 – 20.00 // OPEN LAB

2021 2022
lorem ipsum // lux flux

Do 20. & Fr 21.5.2021 // 19.30

woman of a future bubble (or go tell the moss that we are leaving)

Agnes Schneidewind (AT) & Johanna Nielson (AT)

6.2. – 26.2.2020

Ausstellung Installation Performance
The lover // Agnes Schneidewind & Johanna Nielson

Di 12. & Do 14. 11. 2019 // 19.30

trio of mouths
dialogue to taste
to acquire to negotiate
worldly intensities

HYPN- 21:35 – 04:41

Fr 21.6.2019 // Sonnenuntergang bis Sonnenaufgang

Labor Research