Kilian Jörg (AT)

works at the multimedial interfaces between philosophy and art and is mainly active in Vienna, Berlin and Brussels. He is mainly interested in the effects (and narratives) of our ecological predicament and how its transformative powers can be best thought and acted with. For this he mostly employs the expression of text, performance and installation. He is founder of the performance-philosophy collective philosophy unbound and member of the performative research cluster Stoffwechsel – Ecologies of Collaboration and the artist’s initiative im_flieger. Since January 2022 he is a post-doc researcher at the SFB „Affective Societies“ at FU Berlin, working on a book about the car as a metaphor for our entanglement with our ecologially catastrophic, modern lifesttyles.
He has engaged both theoretically and performatively with the sensual regimes of urban spaces and anthropogenic landscape modification. Most notably in his book Backlash – Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne (Textem 2020), in his contributions to  Deutschlandfunks Lakonisch, Elegant (here and here), in the workshops „Körper & Vernünfte“ with Sabina Holzer and as organiser of events such as philosophy unbound: radical cities and Platz für Wien.
He has published in various formats such as e-flux Conversations, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, FM4, taz – die tageszeitung, Entkunstung, die Presse, engagée, The Trumpeter – Journal for Ecosophy, Journal for International Political Anthropology, Public Life of the Mind, malmoe, etc.
Books: with Jorinde Schulz: Die Clubmaschine (Berghain), Textem 2018; Backlash – Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne, Textem 2020. with Anna Lerchbaumer and al.: Toxic Temple. Edition Angewandte, De Gruyter (spring 2022)

STOFFWECHSEL Denkkollektiv #7 – Normality

15.9.22 // 19.00 & 21.9.22 // 19.00 OPEN LABS