Tue 12.9.2023 // 16.00 – 20.00

Foto: Kilian Jörg/Anita Kaya

Tue 12.9.2023 // 16.00 – 20.00 OPEN LAB / WALK

Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna
Pay as you wish / Food & drinks

with Lisa Hinterreithner (AT), Michael Hirsch (DE), Kilian Jörg (AT) and Anita Kaya (AT) 
Guest: Alexander Behr (AT) 

The Provençal word Longo Mai means “May it last long” in English. This year, the metabolism collective is exploring the questions of soil and earth, radical ecology and concrete utopias of alternative forms of life. In this context, we also visited the Longo Mai commune as part of a working week in the south of France in June 2023 and got to know their experiment, which has now been going on for decades, with a different cultivation of the soil and a different collective way of life beyond growth, intensive agriculture and capitalist wage labor.  

The lab focuses on speculative questions, practical exercises and experiences with the phenomena of earth, soil, land and home; “prefiguration” in the sense of models of future other ways of living in the now, and the productive tension between revolutionary-anarchist and radical-reformist models of action, politics and society.  

We invite you to the practice of walking through the Vienna Woods followed by a gathering with food in the Im_flieger Studio. Our guest and discussion partner is Alexander Behr, political scientist, journalist and long-time member of the Longo Mai collective.

SOILED LOVE: MAY IT LAST LONG is part of the artistic research project Metabolism – Ecologies of Cooperation.

Alexander Behr (AT) (*1979), is a political scientist and journalist. In addition to teaching at universities, schools and trade unions, he is an activist in the network Afrique Europe Interact and at He is a research associate at “Discourse. Das Wissenschaftsnetz” ( and member of the Kollektiv Mühle Nikitsch ( as well as member of the board of trustees of the aid organization medico international ( He regularly creates radio reports for Ö1 and writes for, ND, Taz, der Standard and others. Main areas of work: Climate justice, imperial lifestyles, flight and migration, rights of migrant farm workers* in industrial agriculture. Most recently published: Global Solidarity. How we overcome the imperial way of life and implement the socio-ecological transformation, oekom Verlag 2022.

Anita Kaya (AT) born 1961, is a freelance choreographer, performer and curator living in Vienna. Under the label OYA-Produktion (1988-2005) she created dance productions, site-specific performances, performative installations and dance videos that were presented internationally. In 2000, she initiated the artists for artists initiative Im_flieger – research laboratory for dance, performance and transmedia art (Concept funding from the City of Vienna 2022-25). In artistic direction and in collaboration with numerous artists and theoreticians, she develops new concepts and structures of artistic cooperation and mentoring programmes: e. g. the European residency programme for young choreographers TERRAINS FERTILES 05 (Innovation Prize 2005 of IG-Kultur Vienna). She is engaged with the body as a reservoir of individual and collective memory, and its potential for communication with the environment, the human and more than human: e. g. Translocations / One-to-One Performance located at the intersection of history/trauma, archiving, installation and performance. 2023 she cooperates with Theatercombinat/ Claudia Bosse as performer/ choreographer in the production Bones & Stones. In 2019/20 she completed the university course “Curating in the Scenic Arts” at the University of Salzburg and Munich. She is co-editor and author of the publication VISCERAL FICTION – Im_flieger schreibt Geschichte/s – 20 Jahre Künstler:innen für Künstler:innen. 2021, monocrom.,

Kilian Jörg (AT) works at the multimedial interfaces between philosophy and art and is mainly active in Vienna, Berlin and Brussels. He is mainly interested in the effects (and narratives) of our ecological predicament and how its transformative powers can be best thought and acted with. For this he mostly employs the expression of text, performance and installation. He is founder of the performance-philosophy collective philosophy unbound and member of the performative research cluster Stoffwechsel – Ecologies of Collaboration and the artist’s initiative im_flieger. Since January 2022 he is a post-doc researcher at the SFB „Affective Societies“ at FU Berlin, working on a book about the car as a metaphor for our entanglement with our ecologially catastrophic, modern lifesttyles. He has engaged both theoretically and performatively with the sensual regimes of urban spaces and anthropogenic landscape modification. Most notably in his book Backlash – Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne (Textem 2020), in his contributions to  Deutschlandfunks Lakonisch, Elegant (here and here), in the workshops „Körper & Vernünfte“ with Sabina Holzer and as organiser of events such as philosophy unbound: radical cities and Platz für Wien. He has published in various formats such as e-flux Conversations, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, FM4, taz – die tageszeitung, Entkunstung, die Presse, engagée, The Trumpeter – Journal for Ecosophy, Journal for International Political Anthropology, Public Life of the Mind, malmoe, etc. Books: with Jorinde Schulz: Die Clubmaschine (Berghain), Textem 2018; Backlash – Essays zur Resilienz der Moderne, Textem 2020. with Anna Lerchbaumer and al.: Toxic Temple. Edition Angewandte, De Gruyter (spring 2022)

Lisa Hinterreithner (AT) Die Künstlerin und Performerin Lisa Hinterreithner verschränkt in ihren Arbeiten Körper und Materialien. Dabei sucht sie nach experimentellen Performance Formaten, die Fragen zu Repräsentation und Teilhabe thematisieren. So entstehen gemeinsame Prozesse und Räume, in denen sich Publikum, Performer*innen und Dinge verbinden. Sie hat u.a. mit Julius Deutschbauer, Jack Hauser, Rotraud Kern, Elise Mory, Laura Navndrup Black, Lilo Nein, Martina Ruhsam, Linda Samaraweerová gearbeitet.

Michael Hirsch (DE) is a philosopher, political scientist and art theorist. He teaches political theory and the history of ideas at the University of Siegen and lives as a freelance author in Munich. He is a regular participant in the workshops and research labs of “Stoffwechsel. Ecologies of Cooperation” as part of Im_flieger. Recent publications: Richtig falsch. Es gibt kein richtiges Leben im falschen (2019); Die Überwindung der Arbeitsgesellschaft. Eine politische Philosophie der Arbeit (2016); Logik der Unterscheidung. 10 Thesen zu Kunst und Politik (2015).