titles to arrive in another slow blue // sleep laboratory #4

Sat 2.9.2023 // 18.00 – 21.00

Foto: Johanna Nielson

Im_flieger – Association of Artists in cooperation with DUM-Association of Artists 

Sat 2.9.2023 // 18.00 – 21.00 OPEN LAB

DUM Project Space, Kolodvorska 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 

By and with: Marta Forsberg (SE/DE, musician, light artist), Anne Glassner (AT, visual artist, performer), Anita Kaya (AT, choreographer, performer), Agnes Schneidewind (AT, poet, performer) 

Production: Im_flieger – Association of Artists Vienna / Im_flieger In_forschung 

Thanks to Mateja Bučar & The Dum-Project Space! 

Im_flieger sleep laboratory is a long-term project where artists from different disciplines share their practices dealing with phenomenas of sleeping and dreaming at different places, exploring specificities and inspirations of a certain place on their work.  

In sleep, the body withdraws from social norms and duties, transforming itself into an unproductive, vulnerable, irrational one. Mostly withdrawn into the familiarity of the private sphere and security of the home, identity and ego fade into dream states beyond temporal perception and reason. The sleeping body is present and absent at the same time, it is individual and collective, wild and gentle. Sleep is also silent resistance to over productivity and efficiency and as such is to be defended against increasing optimisation in the sense of neoliberal doctrines. The receptive sleeping body, and living in the paradox of dream images decelerates our common aloneness and opens up a sensual, intimate space. Concepts such as privacy and the public sphere are questioned, as well as the potential of sleep as a communal and regenerative experience in accelerating times: our human, more-than human and social bodies we live in appear to be exhausted, caught in self destruction and in need of space to dream, taking care and repair.  

After experiences in rural Austria in the last two years, Marta Forsberg, Anne Glassner, Anita Kaya and Agnes Schneidewind sleep walk through urban landscapes again. In cooperation with the Artist Association DUM in Ljubljana and exchange with the DUM-Project Space and it’s surrounding, they re-activate their archive in this new context, live indoor and outdoor slowness, and dance with the dreaming body. After the one-week residency, they open their laboratory to the public for a sunset with movement practices, dream imagery and a good night sleep concert.  

This collaboration is realized within Im_flieger’s format In_Forschung which focuses on performative perspectives in the practical artistic collaboration between different disciplines and intends to create and foster exchange and dialogue between artists and theoreticians by their specific artistic works, working practices and contexts. www.imflieger.net 

Agnes Schneidewind (AT) works from dream and somatic practices as well as craniosacral therapy with dance, text and visual media. She questions drawing and writing as performative instruments, seeks (collective) work processes, bodies and the unconscious as poetic (and responding) landscapes. She co-creates experimental formats and performances, including “eleven. each print in the mud fills with honey”(2021) and “through which they have wandered” (2022), co-produced with brut Wien. www.asjnijdewindt.wordpress.com

Anita Kaya (AT) born 1961, is a freelance choreographer, performer and curator living in Vienna. Under the label OYA-Produktion (1988-2005) she created dance productions, site-specific performances, performative installations and dance videos that were presented internationally. In 2000, she initiated the artists for artists initiative Im_flieger – research laboratory for dance, performance and transmedia art (Concept funding from the City of Vienna 2022-25). In artistic direction and in collaboration with numerous artists and theoreticians, she develops new concepts and structures of artistic cooperation and mentoring programmes: e. g. the European residency programme for young choreographers TERRAINS FERTILES 05 (Innovation Prize 2005 of IG-Kultur Vienna). She is engaged with the body as a reservoir of individual and collective memory, and its potential for communication with the environment, the human and more than human: e. g. Translocations / One-to-One Performance located at the intersection of history/trauma, archiving, installation and performance. 2023 she cooperates with Theatercombinat/ Claudia Bosse as performer/ choreographer in the production Bones & Stones. In 2019/20 she completed the university course “Curating in the Scenic Arts” at the University of Salzburg and Munich. She is co-editor and author of the publication VISCERAL FICTION – Im_flieger schreibt Geschichte/s – 20 Jahre Künstler:innen für Künstler:innen. 2021, monocrom. www.imflieger.net, www.stffwchsl.net

Anne Glassner (AT) is a Vienna-based visual and performance artist working primarily with interventions in public space, performance, installation, video and drawing. Inspired by everyday situations, her work is often process-based. Many works deal with sleep and consciousness, private and public, fake and reality and the borders of legal and illegal. She has been exploring the theme of sleep and dreams for several years. Anne Glassner studied art history at the University of Vienna, art and communication at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (graduated in 2008) and fine arts (painting) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she graduated in 2016. Numerous exhibitions, performances and workshops in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Latvia, the USA and South Korea. www.anneglassner.at

Marta Forsberg (SE) is a Swedish composer, sound artist and violinist working in the field of installation art, drone music and free improvisation. Her work is dedicated to creating an immersive environment, expanding the sensory world through multichannel augmentation and through light sculptures – an acoustic visualisation. In 2012, Marta co-founded organisation “Konstmusiksystrar” with composer Lo Kristenson, working for gender equality in the contemporary music scene in Sweden. In 2016, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Electroacoustic Music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. www.martaforsberg.com, www.konstmusiksystrar.se