Daniel Lercher (AT)

currently lives and works as a musician, composer and soundartist in Vienna. He is a graduate of the course in computermusic and electronic media at the Vienna Institute for composition and electroacoustics. Since 2005 Lercher’s work focuses on electroacoustic composition/improvisation, live-electronics, phonography, installations, music for dance & film, etc. His list of activities includes more than 300 concerts, installations and residencies on four continents. Thereby he is collaborating with numerous national and international musicians & artists from various fields. So far his music was published on more than 20 releases of different formats, either as a solo artist or in collaborations. His works have been presented at festivals like ORF-Musikprotokoll (AT), Wien Modern (AT), BCSC (AUS), Signal&Noise (CAN), Neposlušno (SVN), Insomnia (NOR), ICAS (DE), La Petit Mort (CZ), etc. 2009 Lercher received the ‘Startstipendium’ of the Federal Chancellery of Austria & was nominated for the program ‘The New Austrian Sound of Music’ in 2014/15.

if a bee falls in(to) a box

Asher O’Gorman (AT/IE/UK), Daniel Lercher (AT) & Tara Silverthorn (UK/CH)

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