shared evening: HOMA by Coralie Bénard (FR/AT) // See you NowNow by Jolyane Langlois (CA/AT) & Thandiwe Mqokeli (SA)

Fri 13.10.2023 // 19.30

Foto: Laura Divella

Foto: Franzi Kreis

Fri 13.10.2023 // 19.30

Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna // pay as you wish_can // food & drinks

A shared evening with work in progress (dance-) performances, which were created or further developed in the context of RESIDENCY@Im_flieger and of Im_flieger CHANGING SPACES Vienna-Vorarlberg.

in cooperation with

HOMA // Coralie Bénard (FR/AT)

Homa is a dance solo created as part of the CHANGING SPACES residency by Im_flieger (Vienna) and NetzwerkTanz (Dornbirn). The project deals with the role of the human body as home. Specifically with the image of women and the challenges of becoming a mother. Through the transition into adulthood – and the accompanying changes – (new) fears and insecurities about my body have arisen. I was also confronted with the question of motherhood and how to experience this special moment. This solo is meant to be suitable for any audience and to communicate through contemporary dance and physical theater.

Dancer and choreographer: Coralie Bénard
Composer, Musician: Vincent Martin
With the kind support of: Im_flieger and netzwerkTanz Vorarlberg
Special Thanks to: Conny Töbich, Ute Hammerle and Yvonne Anreitter for sharing their story in the Interview

See you NowNow // Jolyane Langlois (CA/AT) & Thandiwe Mqokeli (SA)

Drawing from their recent experience of performing the very first steps of Hopeful Walkers at Im_flieger, and separated by distance again, Jolyane and Thandiwe continue their exploration about hope and human connection. In the unknown about when they will see each other again, they continue dancing together apart and feeling the presence of the other in the distance.

Performance: Jolyane Langlois, Thandiwe Mqokeli
Thanks to: Im_flieger Team, Daphna Horenczyk, Iris Omari Ansong

Photos: Franzi Kreis

Coralie Bénard (FR/AT) is a dancer and choreographer and was born in France, where she started dancing ballet at a young age. After finishing the Conservatory of Versailles, she discovered contemporary dance in Paris at Studio Harmonic where she stayed for a year and joined the Area Junior Ballet in Genevain 2017. In 2022, she graduated from Anton Bruckner Privatuniversity of Linz. In 2023 she joined Compagnie Linga for 3 months and took on the role of choreographic assistant. Since then, she isexploring and sharingin the local scene in Austria and developsher artistic vision by performing in various projects and creating her own pieces.

Jolyane Langlois (CA/AT) (she/her) is a dance artist from Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal with ancestral roots in the Mi’gmaq of Gespe’gewa’gi. After graduating from the professional training program at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2012, she worked as an interpreter, collaborator and movement facilitator with a myriad of independent choreographers and companies in Canada and internationally. Currently based in Vienna, Austria, she can be seen in the works of Magdalena Forster, Daphna Horenzcyk, Barbis Ruder, Doris Uhlich, VRUM Performing Arts Collective and CieLaroque/Helene Weinzerl.

Thandiwe Mqokeli (SA) (she/her) is a South African dancer, choreographer, dance and movement facilitator. She is the founder of a children’s program Washaaa Indigenous Games and Art Competition. She studied performing arts and trained her artistry at the Abelusi Performing artists Program. Trained dance at Jazzart Dance Theatre company. As a freelance artist performing wrote and performs her productions MaMeLa (listen) and currently conceptualizing a new work called SingaBantu (We Are People) ,an Outreach Teacher at Windybrow Theatre and Touring the world with the Dance Factory/ Dada Masilo’s Giselle and Dada Masilo’s Sacrifice.