Sentient Ecologies (open workshop) // Auxiliadora Gálvez (ES)

30.9. & 1.10.2023 // 10.00 – 16.30

in the context of SCHULE@Im_flieger 2023
The Practice of Practise: Teaching as Artistic Research.
performative art, dance and somatics

30.9. & 1.10.2023 // 10.00 – 16.30

Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna // in English language // fee: at your own disposal between € 50,- und 100,- // Max. 5 places


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Sentient Ecologies (open workshop) // Auxiliadora Gálvez (ES)

This workshop will focus on immersions within learning environments – installations – created for the occasion. In this way, bodies and architecture will be entangled through somatics allowing extended physiologies and systems traversing our skins. 

The event will work with assemblages of distributed cognition making new bodies and political revelations to emerge. We will go through anatomy of environments and their relation with our matter following a fluid co-constitution. Skin, flesh, interspecies, dust or borders will be some of the key words for these sessions.  

Theoretical inputs, installations and somatic experiences based on the Feldenkrais Method will be intertwined along the duration of the workshop in a collective happening. 

María Auxiliadora Gálvez (ES) is PhD in Architecture and Landscaper. She is also teacher of the Feldenkrais Method. Since 2016, she directs the “Platform of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape” (PSAAP) and its associated Laboratory (LSAAP). She is professor at the Institute of Technology of the U.S.P – C.E.U in Madrid, Spain. She has been distinguished in national and international urban and architectural contests, highlighting the VI, VII and IX editions of EUROPAN. Her work has been published an exhibited worldwide featuring her presence in the 8th and 16th Venice Architecture Biennale. She is author of the books “Espacio Somático. Cuerpos Múltiples” (2019) and “Descampados. Caminar los paisajes revolucionarios en la ciudad somática” (2022). As researcher, she has been in between others co-director of “We Are All able Bodies. From Sensory Deprivation to Sensory Augmentation” celebrated in Spain in 2018. As performer she has developed happenings and installations in between others in the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, in the Angewandte in Vienna or in the Art Gallery Nieves Fernández. Nowadays she works in Landscape, Arts and Architecture from an embodied point of view and explores the possibilities of “Somatic Architecture”. She is member of the “International Ambiances Network” (France), part of the research directory of the “Centre for Sensory Studies” (Canada) and participates in the project “Navigating Dizziness Together” based in Vienna.