PARK(ing) Day 2023: poetry & tea #6 // caught in the divine pull of a horned nucleus // hosted by Agnes Schneidewind (AT)

Fri 15.9.2023 // 18.00

collage: samhain skin by leonora carrington, quotes from piranesi by susanna clark, the flowering wand by sophie strand and drawing by agnes schneidewind

Fri 15.9.2023 // 18.00

Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna / pay as you wish_can / tea & cake

hosted by Agnes Schneidewind (AT)
with Imani Rameses (US/AT) and Fabian Faltin (AT)

In dreams, a house is often read as our body. In Susanna Clark’s novel “Piranesi,” the entire world is fit into a giant, labyrinthine house. Endless halls and corridors, ocean tides, birds, and sculptures speak of long-lost ideas and magical knowledge. Piranesi wanders through this labyrinth like a lightfooted minotaur. His discoveries may inspire us to infuse our voices with tea and reenchant our bodies with poetry. Enjoy somatic tea treatments and bring poems you’d like to share, as we celebrate international park(ing) day and the new moon. 

Agnes Schneidewind (AT) works from dream and somatic practices as well as craniosacral therapy with dance, text and visual media. She questions drawing and writing as performative instruments, seeks (collective) work processes, bodies and the unconscious as poetic (and responding) landscapes. She co-creates experimental formats and performances, including “eleven. each print in the mud fills with honey”(2021) and “through which they have wandered” (2022), co-produced with brut Wien.

Fabian Faltin (AT) is known for his performances, novels and as a gardener. His major works have been shown at Festival der Regionen, London National Theatre, brut, WUK, Beijing Fringe, Bears in the Park, and many more. He teaches writing and public speaking at Bruckner University Linz, and is currently running a speaker’s agency for Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024 – European Capital of Culture.

Imani Rameses (US/AT) is in service to her community as a cognitive scientist, choreographer, and dancer. She investigates the phenomenology of silence within the intersections of cognitive (emotion) psychology, participatory performance, and African alchemic practices. She received her Master’s degree at the University of Vienna with a focus on Neuroaesthetics. Rameses has presented work at Impulstanz, SAR, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Harvard University, the University of Zurich, and other international festivals and conferences.