OPEN CALL // Artistic Research through movement(s)

dance, movement practices, somatic attention, perception, movement as a generator of possibilities, writing, mentoring, collective lab

18 March – 13 December 2024
Deadline: 15 October 2023

Foto: Kata Balogh + Marta Cots edited by Jean Maze

18 March – 13 December 2024
Deadline: 15 October 2023

for participation and residency in the temporary school for

Artistic Research through movement(s)
dance, movement practices, somatic attention, perception, movement as a generator of possibilities, writing, mentoring, collective lab

Artistic direction Schule@Im_flieger 24 / mentoring: Laura Vilar (ES/AT)
Curation: Anita Kaya, Laura Vilar
Selected artists /participants: tba
Guests/Experts: Eva-Maria Schaller (AT), Pierre-Michaël Faure (FR), Martina De Dominicis (IT/AT), Andrea Soto Calderón (CL/ES)
Curatorial support and coordination: Sara Lanner
Direction / project development SCHULE@Im_flieger: Anita Kaya

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In 2024 Im_flieger offers the third edition of > SCHULE@Im_flieger, a hybrid format that combines transgenerational and transdisciplinary knowledge transfer, artistic research, production and discourse. Under the artistic direction and mentoring of the Spanish choreographer, dancer and teacher Laura Vilar, the year will be dedicated to the topic “Artistic Research through movement(s)”. The aim of this part-time, year-long program is to facilitate a collective learning experience for a small group revolving around research through / from the / with the / about the / in the heat of movement(s). Among others these questions are aimed at accompanying the research processes: What do we move when we dance/perform? How to insist on the deepening of the attention towards, from, within the movement to let other ways of doing, being, generate, emerge? How do we turn movement into dance, performance, or practices? What (values) do we embody with our movement(s)? How to generate a movement study practice that contains a potential for emancipation?

The study and somatic listening to the movement will be the nuclear place from which to branch out the investigations, taking them towards processes that can take very different forms and ways of sharing and presenting itself. The intention is to rely on the creative process from the body as a tool for personal, social and poetic transformation.

Personal as well as collective movement research will be generated. Laura Vilar will share her broad movement experience both practical and discursive research and the implications on the personal and political level. The specific approach will contain questions as: Which qualities, forms, and implication emerge when we shift our attention to the in-between and processes while moving? Next to the intensive week research spaces within the core-group she will support the participants mentoring each process one-to-one. The guest researcher Eva-Maria Schaller, Pierre-Michaël Faure, Martina De Dominicis and Andrea Soto Calderó, will share their specific approaches in weekend workshops. The participants will document and deepen the developed movement material within a residency and share it with a wider public.

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Who can apply?
Artists, as well as people from other professional fields with an interest in investigating a personal/specific topic, and place the exploration and research of movement as a central axis of the process. Experience of studying dance and/or movement and/or embodiment are assumed. A group with five participants is aimed for.

Participation required on specified dates in the period March to December 2024 (see schedule) // Working language is English // Participation costs: 450€ (after acceptance) // Participants will receive a fee of 1000€ for the residency and presentations.

Submission documents:
Short description of own practice and issues & letter of motivation (What interests me about the subject Artistic Research through movement(s)? What do I hope to achieve?) in English / max. 2 A4 pages & CV and if available, links/documentation of previous work that is essential in the context in PDF-format and max. 3 MB sent to

Deadline: 15 October 2023

PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE March – December 2024 // Temporary School for “Artistic Research through movement(s)“

The school year consists of a series of four week-long and three weekend meetings (6 hours/day, 1 hour break included) together with a series of twelve bi-monthly Tuesday evening meetings. All of the weekend workshops are also open for additional participants to join. Within the core group participants there will be extra studio-time offered (residencies in summer and autumn 2024).

Mon 18 – Fri 22 March 2024
Core-group week – Arriving into the Process // Laura Vilar (ES/AT)
This first week is designed to get to know the group and the different interests of the investigation. Movement and writing practices will be proposed to display the first questions of interest, a map of the initial materials that trace the routes and situate the research, both physically and theoretically and proposals for continuity with the work.

Sat 20 – Sun 21 April 2024
“Nobody knows what a body can do” // Eva-Maria Schaller (AT), Pierre-Michaël Faure (FR), Laura Vilar (ES/AT) (open workshop)
We wonder if the technical language about movement is still valid today, where are the limits and overflows of dance, and how we manage and share them. Is the pedagogy of forms sufficient for the emancipation of the performers? ? Is the ability to update a sensitive present-thought-experience technical, or is it perhaps necessary to remove or transform the technical word?

Sat 25 – Sun 26 May 2024
Ways of Paying Attention // Martina De Dominicis (IT/AT), Andrea Soto Calderón (ES), Laura Vilar (ES/AT) (open workshop)
We propose an intensive space to practice, reflect and feel what and how happens when the attention happens, and which ways of relating and situating ourselves in the world display the different ways of paying attention.

Mon 24 – Fri 28 June 2024 // Laura Vilar (ES/AT)
Core-group week / Sharing within
Returning to the core group for a longer meeting to give us a chance to reflect on the personal and collective process and work together before the summer break. The focus will be on sharing each of the research generating an exchanging space, and the possibility of collecting new inputs to continue.

summer break

Mon 2 – Fri 6 September 2024 // Laura Vilar (ES/AT)
Core-group week / Regathering
After the summer break we will meet to situate again the research preparing the next months of work. We will put our attention in the practices that can help to develop the different materiality’s of the research.

October 2024 – Open Lab of 3 days // Laura Vilar (ES/AT)
Specific dates and context will be fixed in relation to the interests of the core group.

Mon 9 – Sat 14 December 2024 // Laura Vilar (ES/AT)
Core-group week / Sharing with the public
This full week will be focused on prepare the public presentations. The proposal is to present a process of the research. Every format of presentation is welcome.

Regularly Tuesday meetings // Laura Vilar (ES/AT)
Every 2nd Tuesday 17h – 21h (open warmup / closed group research) 2 April – 25 June & 17 September – 26 November 2024.
The regular evening meetings will be proposed in two parts, one as a movement practice open to the public, sharing a warmup, and a second part working on the research with the core group. (We ask for a 75% of the days commitment)

Personal Mentoring // Laura Vilar (ES/AT)
15h One-to-One- mentoring during the weeks of residency. Schedule to agree with the artists.

Andrea Soto Calderón (CL/ES) , PhD in Philosophy, professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory. She works as a teacher at the Barcelona University and at the Pompeu Fabra University. She has developed her research in Valparaíso, Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris. In addition to her teaching activity, she carries out an artistic research project in relation to the performativity of images at La Virreina Center de la Imatge, in Barcelona. Her recent publications include her book Le travail des images with Jacques Rancière, Les presses du réel, 2019 and The performativity of images, Metales Pesados, 2020.

Eva-Maria Schaller (AT) is a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Vienna. There she began her dance training at the Vienna Opera Ballet School, continued her studies at Codarts Rotterdam and in 2023 completed a Master’s degree in New Performative Practices at Stockhom University of the Arts. Her choreographic work and practice are based on thorough engagement and experience within the field of dance-heritage and -history, (un-) archiving and the transmission of experiential knowledge in dance. Such include the Solo Vestris 4.0 (2018) in collaboration with composer Matthias Kranebitter and cellist Maiken Beer; and Recalling Her Dance – a choreographic encounter with Hanna Berger (2021), shown a. o. at Tanzquartier Wien and the Impulstanz festival; as well as the group piece FEMENINE (2022) in collaboration with the music ensemble Studio Dan. Part of her arts practice includes teaching Countertechnique and other research-based workshops, as a regular guest at the MUK Music and Arts University Vienna and in dance institutions across Europe. In her ongoing dance practice, she explores the connection between dance and voice as a way of poetic moving – a way to challenge notions of musicality, language, and expressivity.

Laura Vilar (ES/AT) is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and researcher, based in Vienna and Barcelona. She has a PhD degree from the Philosophy department at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with an artistic research trough dance(s). She is Co-directing nunArt – artistic research center in Barcelona. She is teacher at the dance pedagogic department at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. She has been director of the Professional Training at Area Barcelona dance school from 2017 to 2021. She has taught nationally and internationally at several art centers such as: Bad Lemond’s profi training Münich, CODARTS Rotterdam, Saineb dance co Istanbul, Linz Anton Bruckner University, in Spain: Cobosmika seeds, nunArt Barcelona, Area, Varium, La Caldera; Back Pulver feedback training Vienna, Im_flieger Vienna, among others. She has danced in several companies as: Compagnie Taffanel based in Montpellier (2003-2010), Cobosmika company / Russell Maliphant (2006-2013) toured internationally, Hermanas de Castro, Trànsit (2000-2001), La Inconnexa 2002-2003, Lanònima Imperial (2004), Comediants, Salvatge cor (2006-2008) or Dance Theatre of Ireland (2010), a. o. Her latest works as a choreographer: Tentativas de (des)aparición (2022), #quéhayenelmundo (2021), Voyager (2019-2020), Sanjiao (2017).,

Martina De Dominicis (IT/AT) is Vienna based dance artist and choreographer. After a career with several institutional dance companies across Europe, she begins in 2016 to collaborate with Rafaele Giovanola for Cocoondance company (DE/CH). The ongoing collaboration with the company as performer, outside eye and as researcher in the creation of a movement glossary, stimulated the desire to investigate a methodology that flows in between practice and theory. In line with this aim she is currently carrying out her MA studies in Movement Research at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. In Vienna she was part of Veza Maria Fernandez’s Amadora Llama (Tanzquartier Wien, 2018) and Georg Blaschke’s Giotto’s Corridors (Brut 2021). She is co- founder of the Backpulver_training and feedback practices project. In 2019 she co-initiated with Alberto Cissello the artistic duo collective Debocs. With the piece yet to be born they have been invited to perform in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Croatia.
 As a teacher she has been sharing her practice in ZZT Dance University in Köln, Otto Falkenberg Schule Munich, Dancearts Boris Nebyla in Vienna.

Pierre-Michaël Faure (FR) is an interpreter, choreographer, and pedagogue, Pierre-Michaël trained from a very young age in classical ballet at the Perpignan Conservatory and later at the Marseille Opera School. He opted for contemporary creation and began his career as a performer in several national and international companies, such as the Ballet Atlantique Régine Chopinot or the Compagnie Taffanel. He is currently a teacher in France and abroad, where he develops a specific work with children and adults. Through the foundations of contemporary dance, he implements a sensitive approach, which considers placing “the person” at the center of the work of interpretation, research, and improvisation.