BOUNCING JUMPING // Luigi Guerrieri (IT/AT)

July 2022

July 2022

Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna

Performative actions in public space

BOUNCING JUMPING is a performative action that celebrates the absurdity of the pursuit of happiness and questions its dictatorship by taking the common saying literally:

“jumping for joy” and pushing it to exhaustion. In a society where we are not supposed to be unhappy, we take the liberty to fail with ease at the dogma

of happiness. BOUNCING JUMPING has already been shown at Kultursommer 2021 and is the first part of Luigi Guerrieri’s new work. During his residency in July 2022 to the 2nd part GROUNDING, Luigi Guerrieri will practice regularly on the LANDBAHN BOUNCING JUMPING.

Pedestrians and neighbors are invited to watch, listen from the window, or even jump along.

>> Videoclips of the Interventions

>> 30.7. Luigi Guerrierri // GROUNDED

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Luigi Guerrieri (IT/AT) is a performance artist and an anthropologist based in Vienna. His work focuses on the meeting point between movement, improvisation, dance and story telling, combining artistic, academic and physical research. Luigi works also as a teacher of writing and tutor for the Master of Arts in Physical Theatre at Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland.