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Dancing in the City

10’ 30’’ / Video

Do.1.2.2007 / 20.15 & 20.45 / Kino Fotogalerie
Fr.2.2.2007 / 21.00 – 24.00 / Kino Fotogalerie

Created four years after life saving emergency brain surgery, this is the tale of suffering transcendence and redemption, or birth life and death twice within one life. It explores the relationship we have with ourselves, the world we are born into and everything in it. Upon waking with the mental capacity of a new born child trapped in an adult body, the city I took for granted looks alien in every way. Family, friends, relationships and places are completely unknown, all contexts removed. Life requires a total relearning of everything familiar. New memories are not formed with accuracy or meaning. Who are you if you can’t recall? The piece uses actual charts, texts and scans from the surgery as raw data.

Producer: Steve Carson
Dancer: Marina Losin