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Steve Carson

Media Artist
Musician/composer/performer of analogue and digital works
CyberArts Prix Ars Electronica digital musics participant

Huge lifestyle change. Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage resulting in emergency craniotomy (brain surgery). Ongoing research into continuing symptoms. Artistic exploration and expression of my condition/experience through production of music, sound, video and performance works.

Touring concert sound engineer (U.K. Europe).
Resident venue sound engineer.
Studio recording engineer and producer.
Sales, installation, repair and maintenance of in house venue
sound and lighting systems.
Event management and promotion.
Performing artist.
Venue experience includes theatres, nightclubs, open air
festivals, cross channel ferries, underground caves,
aircraft hangers, floating platforms on water and other
diverse places.
Guitarist until1991, analogue keyboards since 1989,
digital music since 2002.

Electronics Technician.
Trained in analogue and digital techniques.