“You can’t even dream this stuff up” // Asher O’Gorman (IR/AT) & Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (IS/AT)

Thu 30.11.2023 // 10.00–12.00

Thu 30.11.2023 // 10.00–12.00

Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna

In English language // Open to: artist parents (to be), curious artists, artists wondering about parenthood

“You can’t even dream this stuff up” is a restorative concept and practice that reimagines a supportive landscape for artist parents as they engage in their dual responsibilities as artists and caregivers.  

Asher and Andrea facilitate a space for collective dreaming, imagining further and beyond patriarchal structures. Together in the realm of fantasy we dream up new realities where artist parents are seen as vital for representation within the whole social spectrum in art.  

We will be working in a concentrated space. However, parents without childcare are welcome to bring their children along, rather than missing out.

Asher and Andrea work in association with HOOD for Artist Parents. Since 2021 HOOD aims to generate positive action for artist-parents as they engage in their dual responsibilities as artists and caregivers. @hood.for.artist.parents.vienna

Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (IS/AT) , born in Reykjavík, Iceland, is a dancer and choreographer living in Vienna. In both independent and collaborative constellations her works move along the intersection of dance and performance, sometimes seeking formats beyond the stage. Her latest work CUMULUS in collaboration with artist Claudia Lomoschitz recently toured in Austria and Iceland and will soon be traveling to Norway. Andrea has collaborated with many Vienna based artists such as Doris Uhlich, Alix Eynaudi, Andrea Maurer, Veza Fernandes a.o. Next she will be stepping on stage in brut Wien in the work of choreographer Sara Lanner. Andrea has juggled co-parenting of two kids alongside her artistic career from the start, gaining some experience in feeling a lot of FOMO.

Asher O’Gorman (UK/IE/AT) Irish-British artist works as a dancer, maker and hosts workshops in various kaleidoscopic settings. Her work is a meeting of choreographic and visual art practices that open out the metaphysical manner in whichwe engage with objects and each other. She collaborates closely with raw materials drawing out their physical performative agency. Highlighting the tactile, visual, sensuous and existential nature of things to reveal the wonder of the “ordinary”; Thus challenging the hegemony of anthropocentrism. In 2021 Asher initiated HOOD for Artist Parentsand is a member of the APL. She holds a B.A. in Choreography Dartington College of Arts;Graduated from dance and choreographic training in (SEAD) 2008;Gained her MA TransArts University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Recently her work stroke all the colours out of the skywas premiered at brut. www.asherogorman.com instagram.com/asherogorman