The Practice of Practise: Teaching as Artistic Research // Open Atelier

Thu 30.11. – Sat 2.12.2023 

Photo: Malcolm Manning

Thu 30.11.2023 // 10.00 – 12.00
“You can’t even dream this stuff up”

Fri 1.12.2023 // 19.30
The Practice of Practise: Panel Discussion  & Booklet Presentation

Sat 2.12.2023 // 16.00 – open end
Practices of Self–Care // Tableaux Vivants // Care to Share? // Moving Into Poetry

(See detailed program below) 

Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna & public space 1050 Vienna / free entrance / food & drinks  

Artistic direction: Malcolm Manning 
Participating artists 2023: Carola Fuchs, Fiona Hanley, Therese Leick, Asher O’Gorman, Christina Rauchbauer, Nina Sandino 

Panel guests: Claudia Heu, Laura Vilar 

Since March 2023, the temporary school The Practice of Practise: Teaching as Artistic Research – Performative Art, Dance and Somatics, directed by Malcolm Manning, has been researching (transmedial) practices of movement and perception at the interface of teaching and performance. The participating artists – Carola Fuchs, Fiona Hanley, Therese Leick, Asher O’Gorman, Christina Rauchbauer and Nina Sandino share their working processes on Thursday 30.11. and Saturday 2.12.2023. The aim was to refine and question existing practices both individually and collectively, as well as to develop and practise new practices. The boundaries between what we traditionally understand as teaching and performance were blurred and new formats were explored. Sharing through teaching is seen as both a form of artistic research and performance.
On Friday 1.12. we invite you to The Practice of Practise: Panel Discussion with the artistic directors of SCHULE@Im_flieger Claudia Heu (2022) and Laura Vilar (2024) and present a booklet, the documentation of SCHULE@Im_flieger 2023.

We cordially invite you to participate, watch, question and become temporary witnesses of the practices.

The program is part of the four-year hybrid format > > SCHULE@Im_flieger, which combines transgenerational knowledge transfer, artistic research, production and discourse.

Detailed program:

Wed 29.11.2023 // Thinking it Through // Christina Rauchbauer (AT)// internal sharing

Thu 30.11.2023 // 10.00 – 12.00 // “You can’t even dream this stuff up” // Asher O’Gorman (IR/AT) & Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (IS/AT)

“You can’t even dream this stuff up” is a restorative concept and practice that reimagines a supportive landscape for artist parents as they engage in their dual responsibilities as artists and caregivers.
Asher and Andrea facilitate a space for collective dreaming, imagining further and beyond patriarchal structures. Together in the realm of fantasy we dream up new realities where artist parents are seen as vital for representation within the whole social spectrum in art.
We will be working in a concentrated space. However, parents without childcare are welcome to bring their children along, rather than missing out.
Asher and Andrea work in association with HOOD for Artist Parents. >> more infos

Fri 1.12.2023 // 19.30 // The Practice of Practise: Panel Discussion & Booklet Presentation
With the artistic directors of SCHULE@Im_flieger: Claudia Heu (2022), Malcolm Manning (2023), Laura Vilar (2024)

Thinking of practices as activities that we do that we find ourselves returning to and repeating again and again. Thinking of the kind of knowledge that physical practices build over time. Thinking of practices free from the necessities of production. Thinking of how we share practice with others.

We will share through our discussion what physical practices underlie our work as artists and teachers, how our relationship to these practices has changed over time, and how we adapt and update our practices to the present historical moment. 

Sat 2.12.2023 // 16.00 – open end
16.00 Practices of Self–Care // Malcolm Manning (IR/AT) (50’)
How to re-establish a sense of spaciousness when feeling compressed. How to re-find a sense of stability when life delivers a knock. How to stand our ground in the face of challenge.
17.00 Tableaux Vivants // Carola Fuchs (AT) (30-45’)
In this practice we will experience bodily configurations according to the spatial surroundings and translate those spatial boundaries into a bodily experience.
18.00 Care to Share? // Nina Sandino (NI/AT) (45-60’)
Can we challenge the norms of fashion and plastic use? Is it possible to “wear” sustainability, support circular design and promote an economy that values the environment? Join us to share our thoughts on consumption ideals, fears, dreams and expectations. >> more infos
19.00 Moving Into Poetry // Fiona Hanley (IR/AT) (60-90’)
“If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry”— Emily Dickinson
What if a poem is a portal entered through the body? A place we go, not a thing to analyse, or know? What if a poem begins in primary wonder — the gasp of breath, the “Oh” of encounter, felt in the fibres of our soma; the tingling timbre of our skin. The invitation in this lab is to explore poetry from a somatic and heart-centred perspective. We will experiment with receiving the echo of a poem in our bodies and how this resonance of feeling might translate into movement. What of the gesture of a poem remains? How does it live on, change? We will also seek to create our own poetry from an awakened somatic state, using our bodies as inquiring instruments of voice, movement, rhythm, imagination, attention. The invitation is to reclaim poetry as a state of being. >> more infos
Afterwards: food & drinks


Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (IS/AT) , born in Reykjavík, Iceland, is a dancer and choreographer living in Vienna. In both independent and collaborative constellations her works move along the intersection of dance and performance, sometimes seeking formats beyond the stage. Her latest work CUMULUS in collaboration with artist Claudia Lomoschitz recently toured in Austria and Iceland and will soon be traveling to Norway. Andrea has collaborated with many Vienna based artists such as Doris Uhlich, Alix Eynaudi, Andrea Maurer, Veza Fernandes a.o. Next she will be stepping on stage in brut Wien in the work of choreographer Sara Lanner. Andrea has juggled co-parenting of two kids alongside her artistic career from the start, gaining some experience in feeling a lot of FOMO.

Asher O’Gorman (UK/IE/AT) Irish-British artist works as a dancer, maker and hosts workshops in various kaleidoscopic settings. Her work is a meeting of choreographic and visual art practices that open out the metaphysical manner in whichwe engage with objects and each other. She collaborates closely with raw materials drawing out their physical performative agency. Highlighting the tactile, visual, sensuous and existential nature of things to reveal the wonder of the “ordinary”; Thus challenging the hegemony of anthropocentrism. In 2021 Asher initiated HOOD for Artist Parentsand is a member of the APL. She holds a B.A. in Choreography Dartington College of Arts;Graduated from dance and choreographic training in (SEAD) 2008;Gained her MA TransArts University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Recently her work stroke all the colours out of the skywas premiered at brut.

Carola Fuchs (AT) studied Comparative Literature inVienna and Aarhus, Denmark. Later she spent 3 years in France where she studied at the University Paris 8 and completed an M.A. degree in dance and Art Theory. In addition, she is trained in Martha Graham technique. For 8 Years she is working in the field of arts and education, as a mediator, tour guide and researcher(Belvedere, Kunsthalle Wien). She participates in various projects in Vienna ́s art scene and abroad. In her practice, she attempts to combine performative aspects with knowledge exchangein order to create new formats of artistic dialogue.

Christina Rauchbauer (AT) is a choreographer and performer, who engages herself in transdisciplinary and participatory art projects. She creates art for and with a young audience. In 2017 she completed her Masters in Arts of Physical Theater at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. In 2020 she founded FUORI -queer, wild, outdoors-a platform for performative artists who combine cultural and social science approaches with physical-participatory concepts. Her pieces can be seen at Dschungel Vienna, Next Liberty Graz, WUK and in public spaces. Her projects have been awarded the STELLA, Social Impact Award, Child Protection Award Austria and honored by the BMBWF. She teaches at Impulstanz, Dschungel Vienna, Accademia Teatro Dimitri (CH) and heads the theater department at the MZW.

Claudia Heu (AT) ist eine in Wien lebende Künstlerin, Performerin und Dozentin. Sie ist in Europa, der Mongolei und den USA tätig. Ihre Arbeit umfasst ortsspezifische Performances, Installationen und Interventionen. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Filmemacher*innen, Aktivist*innen, Friseur*innen, Schauspieler*innen, Busfahrer*innen, bildenden Künstler*innen, Nachtwächter*innen etc. gestaltet sich je nach Projekt und Ort neu. Seit 2013 arbeitet sie mit mongolischen und österreichischen Künstlerinnen und Wissenschafterinnen an dem Forschungsprojekt Alga Bolokh- Vom Verschwinden in Ulan Bator, Wüste Gobi und Berlin. Alga Bolokh befasst sich mit bedrohten Orten und Räumen, mit dem Unerzählten und dem Nichtsichtbaren.

Fiona Hanley (IE) is a writer originally from Ireland. She is currently exploring connections between somatics and poetry; movement and writing. She is interested in a perspective that attempts to write-with the more-than-human-world. Recent work of hers canbe found in The Interpreter’s House, Howl: New Irish Writing, The Storms, Fearless, and Cassandra Voices. She holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Edinburgh and teaches writing in various contexts.

Laura Vilar (ES/AT) is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and researcher, based in Vienna and Barcelona. She has a PhD degree from the Philosophy department at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with an artistic research trough dance(s). She is Co-directing nunArt – artistic research center in Barcelona. She is teacher at the dance pedagogic department at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. She has been director of the Professional Training at Area Barcelona dance school from 2017 to 2021. She has taught nationally and internationally at several art centers such as: Bad Lemond’s profi training Münich, CODARTS Rotterdam, Saineb dance co Istanbul, Linz Anton Bruckner University, in Spain: Cobosmika seeds, nunArt Barcelona, Area, Varium, La Caldera; Back Pulver feedback training Vienna, Im_flieger Vienna, among others. She has danced in several companies as: Compagnie Taffanel based in Montpellier (2003-2010), Cobosmika company / Russell Maliphant (2006-2013) toured internationally, Hermanas de Castro, Trànsit (2000-2001), La Inconnexa 2002-2003, Lanònima Imperial (2004), Comediants, Salvatge cor (2006-2008) or Dance Theatre of Ireland (2010), a. o. Her latest works as a choreographer: Tentativas de (des)aparición (2022), #quéhayenelmundo (2021), Voyager (2019-2020), Sanjiao (2017).,

Nina Sandino (NI/AT) (She/her/they) was born in Nicaragua in the Caribbean and grew up on the Pacific coast, where they later completed a master’s degree in architecture. In Vienna, Nina works as a choreographer, performerand dance educator. Their work reveals a desire to unite artistic expression and political statement. Sandino’s artistic practice focuses on ancient knowledge ⟬old practices⟭that promotes and strengthens connection within a community through touch and movement ⟬collective dances⟭.

Therese Leick (AT) is an architect, performer and holistic movement and dance educator. She uses somatic practicesas a method in addressing social issues such as the pressure to perform and produce in our high-performance society. In her practice, she is not looking for an end-product, but for process-oriented, transformative collective experiential spaces.