Jocke // Stina Fors (SE/AT)

Fri 28.4.2023 // 19.30

Foto: Claire Lefèvre

Fri 28.4.2023 // 19.30

work in progress showing / Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna / pay as you wish / bar & buffet

During her residency at Im_flieger Stina Fors will establish a daily practice between rhythm, writing and speaking. She is especially interested in storytelling and creating characters. She will explore writing practices from the starting point of moving and vocalizing. She is afraid of the erotic, and would like to dance to its confusion. She is inspired by her new found drag persona, Jocke – a loud feminist man and member of the band “thunder tits”. The idea is to accumulate a vast archive of words, songs and stories and to curiously observe the many authors.

The doors will be open to join this practice.

>> Embodied voice and writing practice with Stina Fors

Stina Fors (SE/AT) born 1989 in Goteborg, is a choreographer, performer, drummer and a vocalist who studied choreography and performance at SNDO (school for new dance development) in Amsterdam. Stina found her love for sound and the voice and from there developed a repertoire of solo performances, for example her one-woman-punk-band: Stina Force. Voice-body practices are an ongoing part of her artistry, in both her own work and those of others. Experiment and improvisation is often used live as a creative strategy. In 2022 her solo work A mouthful of tongues premiered at brut Wien. Stina currently lives in Vienna, Austria.