Being Moved // Workshop with Simon Mayer (AT) & Karoline Maria Wibmer (AT)

Fri 18.11. // 18.00 – 21.00
Sat 19.11. // 10.00 – 16.30
Sun 20.11. // 10.00 – 15.00

Foto: Wolfgang C Retter

Fri 18.11. // 18.00 – 21.00
Sat 19.11. // 10.00 – 16.30
Sun 20.11. // 10.00 – 15.00

Bräuhausgasse 40, 1050 Vienna
Open Level – no previous experience necessary / in english and german language

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Contribution 2: 120 Euros (you support the full costs of the workshop and payment of the facilitators)

Contribution 3: more than 120 Euros (you support the development, future continuation and distribution of this workshop program)

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In this workshop we invite the states of Being Moved and discover how they support our creative/artistic process and our human development. Being moved means, moving and expressing yourself through a state of flow. Everybody knows those moments when the mind becomes the dictator and challenges us with judgement and overthinking from free flowing, improvising, spontaneity and trusting our intuition. What we offer is the practice of surrendering to the intelligence and wisdom of the body-mind alignment and its co-creation potential, in order to find ways into our full creative and emotional expression, self-empowerment, with clear boundaries, flow and consciousness.

1 The Art of celebration
We enter the states of Being Moved (flow state) by the power of celebration and the reconnection to joy. It’s a hosted dancefloor that dives into being moved by different qualities and forms of celebration (celebrating joy, sadness, anger, silence, music, etc.). Find your inner resources, discover your personal warm up for the day (emotionally, physically and mentally) and get in contact with yourself so you are ready to meet others.

2 Celebrating Connection
Here we focus on being moved by connection and interaction – connecting to oneself, to the other, to the collective and to the unknown. We will first ensure inner stability by finding ones personal anchor and then expand our journey by activating voice, breath and movement. We will use practices based on shaking, whirling, laughing, screaming, silent meditation and integrate by drawing, writing and verbalizing. We will learn from each other about the healing power of interaction, how to see a master in every emotional trigger and how to deal with projections and interpretations.

3 Sustainability
The practices in this workshop aim for energetic sustainability in our daily life and to access the transformative power of ones artistic and creative practice. They support the body-mind alignment, give access to an honest and deep listening to ones own needs and boundaries, to the needs of others, and allow a healthy relation to change.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our workshop!

Karoline Maria Wibmer (AT) is a certified Shiatsu practitioner, Mindfulness Coach and does project accompaniment. In individual work, workshops and projects she accompanies people with tools such as: Healing Self-Contact, Beziehungs-Raum-Pflege, Energetic Sustainability and Trauma-Awareness. She invites people to listen to the space between individual aspects inside and outside in order to give space to one’s own movement, which can support the restoration of inner order from the inside to the outside. In 1990 she started her teaching for massage. Already at that time she was very centered around the themes of being touched – being touched, being moved – being moved and stillness. Thus, already in her early 20s, she began to practice Zen meditation on the one hand, and to study the depth of life and the different relationship spaces on the other hand. The continuous training changed over the years from bodywork to inner work, meditation, mediation. Among others: Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg), Trauma-informed work/collective trauma with Thomas Hübl, Peace work with Scilla Elworthy, Mediation with William Ury, Relationship work with Terry Real, Deep conversation with David Whyte. Her freelancing began in 1998 as a massage therapist and since 2007 she has been a certified Shiatsu practitioner. The cooperation in the medical practice of Dr. med. Albin Perz in Graz from 2008-2013 where she also did patient counseling (including stress management), bioresonance, assistance constellation work, enabled her deep research in the inner spaces. Since 2013 Karoline Maria offers mindfulness coaching and project support. Among other things, she accompanies art projects in questions of content and dramaturgy. In addition, she leads regular Reflexionsräume online for artists and team and is available as a personal coach for artists. Her holistic accompaniment of cultural, social and economic projects do focus on teamwork, personal development, transformation of conflicts, competence-hierachy and energetic sustainability. In their 2013 founded association “Authentisch-Sein ” it is about topics like: Accompanying children naturally, being aware of trauma, healing self-contact in WE. Karoline Maria lives in East Tyrol.

Simon Mayer (AT) born 1984 in Austria, is a choreographer, musician, performer, lecturer and curator. He studied at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School and at the P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels and was a member of the Vienna State Opera Ballet. As a musician and singer, Simon founded and played in various bands (Rising Halfmoon, C.O.P.), released audio performances of his stage productions, and continues to create his own music. As a dancer, choreographer and musician, he has been involved in productions by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas (The Song), Wim Vandekeybus and Zita Swoon. His choreographic repertoire includes solos, duets, group pieces, operas, and socially engaged and immersive events: SunBengSitting, Sons of Sissy, Oh Magic, Volxfest, Being Moved, Bones & Wires, Gaz / Nova Opera (Ukraine). His pieces are performed internationally: Festival Actoral (FR), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (BE), ImPulsTanz (AT), steirischerherbst (AT), BelluardBollwerk (CH), BIT Teatergarasjen (NO), Tweetakt Festival (NL), Homo Novus Festival (LV), The Place (UK), The Dance Center (CA), Power Station of ART (CN) among others. Together with his brothers, Simon curated the festival “Spiel” in Upper Austria and was co-curator of festivals such as Tanzplan Ost (CH) and The Ecstatic Body Festival (Tanzquartier Vienna). Simon offers workshops in the arts (contemporary, traditional and community dance) and practices of Tantra, Mindfulness, Trance & Creation (together with Corine Sombrun). He is a guest lecturer at international festivals and universities and holds seminars (HfMDK Frankfurt, Impulstanz Festival, MUK Vienna, RITCS Brussels). He received the Outstanding Artist Award of the Austrian Federal Chancellery in 2017 and the Recognition Award of the State of Upper Austria in 2018.