Independent Artists’ Association – Platform and Experimental Ground for Dance, Performance and related Art Forms


Im_flieger decisively chooses to engage in different networking contexts and actively supports artists in developing new core concepts and structures of artistic cooperation.
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is an artist in residence exchange project for contemporary dance and performance. It is based on the simple idea of trading places and the mutual use of existing resources such as space, organisational know-how and artistic potential. Im_flieger Is cooperating with different cultural actors as artists initiatives of the Federal States of Austria in CHANGING SPACES national and on an international level with European Cultural Centres (TransEuropeHalls) – among them are WUK (Vienna), Point Ephemère (Paris), Mains d’Oevres (Paris) and Kabelfabrik (Helsinki) – as well as with Hollins University (Virginia/USA).


is a platform for artistic perspectives / positions, which deal with the interleave of dance, performance and other art forms and disciplines by means of performances, installations, (short) films, workstations, discursive formats or hybrid works in between.
It is a many-sided and intriguing agglomeration of artistic hybrids, offering insights into the diversity of current medial transgressions at various sites. CROSSBREEDS is fostering the network between media and disciplines in art production as well as theoretical and practical exchange about specific questions concerning transmedial positions on art, body and politics.

Performances / Installations / City Walks / City Interventions / Lectures

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Crossbreeds 2014 Program Overview / english (1.0Mb)
Crossbreeds Call 2014 english (109Kb)
>>Program Overview in German

Im_flieger INVITES

is based on the principle of invitation. One artist is invited to invite another artist or group. The focus is on the juxtaposition of various aesthetic, media, political, and social perspectives.


is a research and production format, which focuses on the perspective of dance, performance and choreography within the practical artistic cooperation between different disciplines. As a developmental lab it offers space for a collective process, which investigates in composing the adequate structures, communication tools and flexible models of curating of a project. Another main focus within is the LIVING ARCHIVE, which is in an interleave position of documentation, oral history, archiving, system theory, mediation of art, installation and performance.

Im_flieger PRESENTS

is an ongoing presentation platform of dance, performance and related art forms. Im_flieger supports artists or initiatives in artistic publication – cooperating or coproducing.

RESIDENCY @ Im_flieger

Im_flieger provides space for residencies and coaching during the artistic process. On request or open call.



Non-curated platform
From the year 2000 – 2011 Im_flieger has provided numerous releases of dance and performance works of local, national and international artists on the basis of ‘first come first served’ within the monthly non-curated presentation platform WILDE MISCHUNG at the FLIEGER studio-theatre WUK, Vienna.
Whatever happens happens!


TERRAIN FERTILES is a yearlong European program that supported the realisation and mobility of specific art projects of 10 young choreographers in the framework of three successive artistic residences in Bucharest, Vienna and Paris/Seine Saint-Denis. IXKIZIT /Joel Borges (France), ArCub /Cosmin Manolescu (Romania) and Im_flieger /Anita Kaya (Austria) cooperated as structures/artistic directors for it’s realisation.
Im_flieger was awarded the innovation prize 2005 for international cooperation projects by the Independent Cultural Scene of Vienna (IG Kultur Wien) for TERRAIN FERTILES 05.