Independent Artists’ Association – Platform and Experimental Ground for Dance, Performance and related Art Forms

ABOUT Im_flieger

Independent Artists’ Initiative
Free space and Experimental Ground for Dance,
Performance and related Art Forms

Im_flieger is a project by artists for artists: a research facility and developmental lab.

Im_flieger operates as an independent association and is located in Vienna.

Im_flieger creates since the year 2000 a free public space for dance, performance and related art forms, enabling contemporary artistic publication, discourse, research, creation, artists mobility, exchange and the growing necessity of fostering links between artists, cultural actors and creative spaces through local, national and international networking.
Dance/Performance is seen in a wider scope, encompassing the broader sense of the term, which focuses on the whole process of artistic creation as a potential and medium of communication.

Im_flieger supports artists actively in developing new working concepts and structures of artistic cooperation, moreover, the creation and presentation of performance art is facilitated without the pressure of common event and production practice.

Im_flieger is an emancipatory model that requires awareness about the links of aesthetic, political and social perspectives, as well as an understanding about the field of tension they create in the artistic production.

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Im_flieger is supported by the City Council of Vienna / Independent Groups (MA7), the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK) and other project related partners.