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The Tragedy of Andi

Performance – Installation

FR 23.3. // 21:00

Since 2005 “Akos” created a series of biographic inspired solos (one of them was awarded Budapest Fringe first prize in 2006) talking about being a “dancer” in our macro and micro world. During the years of that solo series “Akos” became a third person, a center figure of that theme. Being an artist, a symbol of a human existence on earth who need to survive.
“Andy” would like to tell his experience.
“Andy” learned to find strategy’s for his survivals
“Andy” would like to share or even exchange this strategy’s with the audience.
“Andy” home… “Andy” home… “Andy” home…

von Akos Hargitay (Konzept/Performance)
Installation/Ton/Music: Gammon

Ákos Hargitay (AT/HU) wurde in Budapest geboren und lebt seit 2006 in Wien. Seit 1988 tanzte er in verschiedenen Österreichischen, Ungarischen und internationalen Compagnien und für Choreografen, wie: Eszter Gál, Willi Dorner, Sebastian Prantl, Tanz*Hotel, Sasha Waltz & Guests, David Zambrano (Ven/NL) für das Ballroom Project in NYC, Scott Wells in San Francisco, Vicky Shick/Joanna M. Shaw/Alan Good aus NYC.

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