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19’50” loop / Videoinstallation

Mi. 14.1.- Sa. 17.1.2009 / 18–23h / Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Sacra Orgia is an installation structured as a triptych of video panels. The installation consists of an absconding ritual that is gradually revealed. Nine persons sit in circle and participate to an erotic game. The ceremonial structure of this game contains, like every ritual, elements of rhythm and repetition. The nine persons kiss each other, giving the impression that they transmit a sacred element from mouth to mouth. The kiss itself, obsessively repeated, becomes a ceremonial gesture. Therefore, it loses its initial erotic identity. In fact, Sacra Orgia aims to frame a mental experience during a ritual, combining sexuality and sacredness in a hybrid symbolic formula.

Von Martin-Emilian Balint (RO)