Independent Artists’ Association – Platform and Experimental Ground for Dance, Performance and related Art Forms


45’ / Performance

Mi. 14.1.2009
20.30 / Großer Saal

Room&Road explores and presents innovative way to use a computer generated projection as a base for the light and space solution for the performance.
The computer program that enables spaces to move and change also enables certain space to be in a relation with a dancer. The person behind the keyboard manipulates and creates the moving space, its walls to move, floor to disappear, reappear, jump or turn, It all happens in real time – he or she on the keyboard becomes, next to the dancers, an active performer.

Idea / space: Mateja Bucar, Vadim Fishkin (SLO)

Dance: Rebecca Murgi, Jonathan Pranlas
Music: Random Logic, Production: DUM-association of artists

Supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, Cultural Department of the City of Ljubljana