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Osmosis & fries

Im Rahmen von Im_flieger WILDE MISCHUNG

Sa. 27. September 2008
20.00 Uhr

Solo by Paola Ponti (I / A)

Flüssige Spuren, die sich durch den Körper bewegen. Haut und Augen sind die Orte, wo die Osmose stattfindet. Bilder erscheinen vom Gedächtnis der Haut, empfindliche Bruchstücke tauchen aus dem Hintergrund der Augen auf. ‘Das ist es, was ich sehe, wenn ich innerhalb des grünen Mundes bin.’

Konzept, Choreographie, Tanz, Video: Paola Ponti


Osmosis is an excange, and to be more precise, is a chemical process of diffusion of molecules through a membrane.
My attention was drawn from skin and eyes as ‘places’ from where you can perceive the world, get in contact with the outside.
Skin, contact, or sensations that sometimes you can not name, but that are clearly vibrating in your body, from the surface to the inside.
And eyes: they see the present, but also your wishes and desires and reminiscences can make you “see”…
I´m a very dreamy person, so for me was not always easy to deal with this layers.
Which one is the reality? What am I seeing in this moment: present, or desire and wishes, or reminiscences? What do I choose to see, what do I want to see now?
What is surprisingly coming out during this work in progress looks like a not linear story…
There is a toad that is not a prince, wind in the rooms and silent outside, wrinkles and hands, liscio romagnolo (traditional folk musik from my land).