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No Time For Crescendo

Performance & Musik 

Inferno (Ewa Bańkowska (PL/AT) & Clélia Colonna (F/AT))

Ein Kamikaze-Sprung hinein in unterschiedliche Arbeitsfelder, oszillierend zwischen Chaos Theorie, Absurdität, Nonsense, Humor, Popkultur, persönlichen Frieden und Unfrieden, und auch Theater.

Mit Unterstützung von theatercombinat

No Time For Crescendo
Out of different elements Inferno puts together a short something. It is a seemingly random collage that tries to create an order of things. Attacking material, nonchalant choice of elements, without fear or pre-judgement. Inferno hopes to touch upon different surfaces, styles, traditions, genres to possibly encounter some serious as well as some banal questions. With a typewriter, Bontempi organ, guitar and other musical and non-musical objects, Clélia Colonna and Ewa Bańkowska jump – like kamikaze – into different fields, oscilliating between chaos theory, absurdity, non-sense, humour, popular culture, personal rest and unrest as well as theatre.

Inferno met at the Atatürk Airport in 2011 and started creating mixed formats of music and performance.

Ewa Bańkowska (A/PL) a freelance choreographer, dancer and a performer. Based in Vienna. She is a graduate of Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and University of Lodz (MA International Relations). Works in movement, music, object and people based performances. Looks for new connections and unexpected qualities.

Clélia Colonna (A/F) is a maker. She makes songs, graphical objects, videos and performances. Born in France, she studied Applied Arts and Fine Arts in Paris before moving to Vienna where she’s involved in the performance scene. She’s interested in form, story-telling, specific sound qualities, naivity and every-day beauty.