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maps of emotion

15’ / video

21.15 / Im_flieger

Being connected emotionally but separated in space. Leaving traces in life. The synchronicity of parallel events. Urban bodies, moving on interior patterns, following emotional maps. GPS. A sentimental journey. One camera follows him, another follows her, all in one steady shot. The eyes of the spectator follow him or follow her and edit an inner film while watching.

Concept/Artistic Direction Lutz Gregor (D)
Choreography/Performance: Yoann Boyer, Christophe Degelin, Manon Greiner, Hannes Langolf, Marija Slavec,
Joe Walkling Media Design Tobias Hofer, Silke Sieler Music Jonny Greenwood, Patrico Wang, Michael Rodach Camera Lutz Gregor, Toni Scholz
Production Contact Film

In cooperation with
D.A.N.C.E. Dance Apprentice Network aCross Europe, Palucca Schule Dresden , Institut für Mediengestaltung (IMG), FH Mainz

with the support of Kunststiftung NRW, Culture 2000