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Mabel or The Queen of the Bones

Im Rahmen von Im_flieger WILDE MISCHUNG

Sa. 27. September 2008
20.00 Uhr

“Mabel or The Queen of Bones” ist ein Solo-in-Progress der finnischen Tänzerin und Choreographin Liisa Pentti.
Es ist ein Eintauchen in die Welt der Divas und anderen archetypischen Wesen, die die Bühne brauchen, um zu leben und lebendig zu werden. Liisa Pentti erforscht neue Bereiche in ihrer künstlerischen Arbeit durch die gnadenlose Zusammenarbeit mit zwei männlichen Kollegen, Frans Poelstra und Robert Steijn. Das Stück wird – in seiner Endfassung – am 18. Oktober 2008 am Zodiak-Center for New Dance in Helsinki (FIN) uraufgeführt.

extended english version

Mabel or The Queen of Bones is a story about a woman without remorse. We see her as an inventor, a diva and a shaman- a mixture of archetype creatures who need the stage to live and to become alive and who off-stage create scenes that are even more admired by the public. The images of a diva and a prostitute form the essence of a female shaman of our days.
Mabel is a woman who does not regret she has been born a female- she celebrates femininity and for her sacrifice is not a virtue.

Liisa Pentti is exploring new realms in her artistic work through a merciless collaboration with two male colleagues, Frans Poelstra and Robert Steijn. This uncompromising and yet mindless work is set to gear towards a performance which is based on ”not being in the moment” and playing with all the things that Liisa Pentti always wanted to do but which she really cannot. To celebrate life one needs to talk about death and realms where we can enter only in our dreams- thus the story of Mabel or Queen of Bones.

Choreography and dance: Liisa Pentti
Artistic assistance: Frans Poelstra, Robert Steijn
Musician: Ari Poutiainen
Light design: Mia Kivinen
Costume design: Terttu Torkkola
Sound design: Patrcik Kosk
Producer: Paula Karlsson
Production: Liisa Pentti + Co, Zodiak-Center for New Dance
With a support of State Dance Council of Finland, Finnish Culture Foundation, Swedish Culture Foundation

Herwith i enclose a personal letter from Mabel:

Dear Liisa,

I´m so thrilled and glad you decided to make a piece out from my life and works – as you know I have not been able to do it my self. I hope you will keep in mind the dangers of this kind of a reseacrh- it can take you to unknown territories which sometimes can be frightening and even dangerous- but I ´m very glad you have the assistance of Frans and Robert, they have been doing serious exploration in the field for quite a while. I wish you good luck and keep up with the bones, they will tell you.
I´m having great time here in Tamsagbulag, never imagined so many so beautiuful men could co-exist in such a remote place. Have fun!

Yours sincerely,

Mabel or the Queen of Bones