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Im Rahmen von Im_flieger WILDE MISCHUNG

Fr. 24. Juni 2011
20.00 Uhr
Eintritt: 8,- / 6,-

Landscapes is a new production of choreographers Britta Pudelko and Tomas Danielis. Our interest is in mixing visual art approaches into dance and theatre work. Through complex of life edited video projections and fragmentary stage set is body displayed from different points of view. We are interested how we see ourselves / our personality in body, what means body for us – its memories, how they manifest, how they create us.

Concept, choreography and dance: Britta Pudelko, Tomas Danielis

Videoart / live camera: Stefan Schmid & Ulrich Reiterer
Music: Ulrich Troyer
Stage set and costumes: Stefan Röhrle
Technische Leitung / Licht: Thomas Bergner

Premier dates:
Austria 16 -18 June 2011 TTZ Graz, 24th Wien,
Germany: September 2011
Slovakia: September 2011