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dream [factories]

Im Rahmen von Im_flieger WILDE MISCHUNG

Fr. 19. & Sa. 20. März 2010
20.00 Uhr

dream [factories] a new work by artist Gina Kohler, exposes the politics of women’s bodies. Making visible the intersections of race, gender, sexuality and the media. Kohler explores the relationship between ornamentation and crime, violence and desire. dream [factories] questions the consumption and mediation of the body that occurs through surveillance and the spectacle of the theater. This work pushes the boundaries of the traditional proscenium stage and challenges hierarchical systems of techniques. Through resistance to patriarchal capitalist systems, Kohler uses her body and voice as a site for transgression and mobilization. She interrogates the real.

dream [factories] as an installation performance has been presented in a formal proscenium stage (American Dance Festival) Salon Showings (Hollins University) and a intimate apartment in Brooklyn (Ulla’s House). This work is adaptable to various spaces and is currently in process.

Concept/Performance: Gina Kohler