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“NOTHING for body”

Im Rahmen von Im_flieger PRESENTS

So 11.12.11, 19:00
Praterstraße 42/1/3, 1020
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<We know about ourselves.
How is it with the others?
They see me through their point of view, and take a part of me how they want.
They know me.
But it’s NOTHING.>

<NOTHING for body> is developed from live media performance work. <NOTHING> which collaborated with Howool Baek (Korea) and Matthias Erian (Austria), and Performed in Vienna/Austria and Gent/ Belgium in April. This is body image work. I focused on small body movements in body spaces. Body builds a space, then fingers and toes moves inside this space. I tried to find how part of the body moves like whole body and how many possibilities that part of the body can express like a human. As an audience, you would not see the body as a body. You would get many imaginations from movement, and you would see body in a different way.

Choreografie/Tänzer: Howool Baek
Musik: Matthias Erian

This work is selected for Aerowaves 2012!
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