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Raúl Maia performance practice on continuous tone

Throughout this one week residency we will develop a performance practice around the simple idea of using an ensemble of performers to keep a tone “alive”, in a room, for a long period of time, using our voice. The main goal is to create awareness on the potential for real-time communication, using the tone as our unifying reference and modulation of individual sound quality as generator of difference and first step for dialogue.

Artistic direction: Raúl Maia
Collaborators: Clélia Colonna,Irene Coticchio, Caroline Decker, Rotraud Kern

©Raúl Maia

Raúl Maia is a Portuguese dance/performance artist based in Vienna. His focus as a dance maker is in creating frames for physical behaviour practices between performers, from which physical language can arise and be re-contextualized into an artistic object. He splits his time between his own work and his ongoing artistic collaboration with Belgium choreographer Thomas
Steyaert. His work has been shown in festivals and houses such as ImpulsTanz(at), Xplore dance Festival(ro), Potsdam Tanzfabrik(de), Idans Istanbul(tur), Tanzquartier (at), WUK(at) and Brut(at) amongst others. As a performer he has collaborated with ultima vez/ Wim Vendekeybus, Anna MacRae, Tino Sehgal, Fanni Futterknecht, Mike O’Connor, Sofia Dias and Vitor Roriz and Paul Wenninger amongst others.