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Costas Kekis & Anna Prokopová & Petr Ochvat It beats soft in the veins


Prokopová, Kekis and Ochvat are experimenting in vocalisation and movement. If sound is a vibration of the matter, it is in this physical space that body and voice are met. The interaction between voice and body is treated as a transformative process of the three performers and their relations, producing an inconsistent but affective narrative. The vocal expresssion, the Aussprache, is becoming an essential device for acting together in a similar way that the use of body and voice are necessary tools for a social, public and political life with others. Consonance, but not necessarily consensus, takes place. Conflict, play and touch are also part of the process.
Against the oppression of vocal expression, the combination of voice and body seems to be an empowering amalgam of action that enables the persistence of a bodily and performative presence in and out of the theatre.

Concept, choreography, performance: Anna Prokopová, Costas Kekis, Petr Ochvat // Vocal coaching: Alex Franz Zehetbauer

A co-production of WUK performing arts and the Verein Maggie Palms.
With the support of Studio Matsune, Imflieger Schokoladenfabrik, Studio WTKB, Impulstanz and TURBO residency

Foto:Rania Moslam

Petr Ochvat is a performer, dance teacher and student of massage therapy living in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Since the year 2006 he has been performing in Austria and abroad with companies such as Georg Blaschke/M.A.P Vienna, Christine Gaigg/ 2nd Nature, Milan Kozánek/Artyci and with Prokopová, Kekis, Ochvat/ Maggie Palms. Currently, he is engaged in pedagogical projects “Floorwork extended” and choreographic research “Questions for dance”, and he is active mainly in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Anna Prokopová studied Czech language and Literature at Ostravská Univerzita. She made her dance studies at Vysoká Škola Múzických Umení in Bratislava and at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz. Anna received START-Stipendium für Musik und darstellende Kunst from Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur and trainings-Stipendium in Tanzquartier Wien, both in 2010/11 in Vienna; danceWEB scholarship in 2012. She performed for Christine Gaigg/2nd nature, for example at Festival euro-scene Leipzig 2013, Weld Stockholm 2014, steirischer herbst 2014, Impulstanz #32. Anna’s work has been shown at venues and festivals in Vienna, Brno and Hradec Kralove.

Costas Kekis works as a choreographer, dramaturge and performer. His works have been shown in Vienna, Salzburg, Barcelona, Athens, Mannheim, Mainz. As an assistant choreographer, he has worked with Anna Macrae (Are you a member?) and Lucie Strecker (Hasenblut+). He has provided dramaturgical support for choreographers Magdalena Chowaniec (Sanctuary) as well as Claire Lefevre and Evandro Pedroni (S/M Stage Made). In Vienna he has performed for Doris Uhlich and Oleg Soulimenko.