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Residency @ Im_flieger 2009

move project

18. September – 4. Oktober 2009 – residency @ Flieger/Studio
FR 2. & SA. 3. Oktober 2009, 20.00 – showing @ WILDE MISCHUNG
>>move project @ WILDEN MISCHUNG

During the 18th of September to 4th of October 2009 Im_flieger is inviting the Move Project:
Four young artists (Charlotta Ruth movement / Sweden, Alexandr Andriyashkin movement / Russia, Tobias Leira light & visual design / Norway, Johannes Burström musician, composer / Sweden) are working with movement, sound, light and visual design, exploring their different approaches to creation and collaboration in the format of workshop sessions, guided by respective artist.
In specific the artistic interest focuses in finding methods and tools of „non-linear work“ for non-theatrical venues (clubs, galleries etc.), for environments where people come and go. It will also function as the first exploration for a larger performance installation project ”Hidden House” that will happen in 2010.
The residency is summed up with 2 sessions open to audience (2nd and 3rd of October 2009) in the frame of the series “Wilde Mischung” (publishing platform for experimentation).

The residency at Im_flieger is the first time Move Project has the chance to move beyond the home countries of the participants.
Through out the period the artists will have the possibility for artistic exchange with local artists, for common experiences and input through visiting exhibitions, concerts and performances, especially Vienna’s scene of electronic music and media art.

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